of using the AVRORATEGEL teeth whitening system:

  • Certified products;

  • Fast payback;

  • Simple procedure;

  • Reasonable prices for our products.


With our gel and LED lamps, it is possible to whiten teeth from 2 tones in one application. The cost of such whitening in the market today is approximately 50 USD. The cost of the whitening procedure using our technology will range from 0.70 to 8 USD. To increase profits, we suggest buying gel in bulk. We are also ready to provide related products for sale (mouthguards with LEDs, which are close to UV radiation in characteristics).

  • Cosmetology;

  • Beauty studios;

  • Fitness centers;

  • Aesthetic Medicine Centers;

  • Masters who provide cosmetology services at home;

  • Dental clinics.

Teeth whitening is a multipurpose service for any business, an excellent addition to an existing business in the field of dentistry or cosmetology. The use of AVRORATEGEL will broaden the range of services provided with a new offer — teeth whitening!

Information for AVRORATEGEL’s dealers.

NPK Monomer LLC develops a dealer network for the sale of Avrorategel gel for tooth enamel whitening in Russia and offers special conditions for further cooperation with wholesalers, dealers and other interested organizations.

The advantages of working with our company:

  1. Dealer prices

  2. Profitable terms

  3. Prompt consultation on all emerging issues

  4. Providing the latest product samples

  5. Execution of orders in the shortest time, reservation of goods in the warehouse and assistance in shipment organizing 

  6. Providing the dealer with up-to-date information on changes in the assortment and pricing policy of the company.

  7. Support with advertising materials, provision of all necessary methodological, reference and information products

  8. Placing dealer information on the company’s websites.

Dealer Requirements

Dealers are “representatives” of the company and must meet certain criteria.

A dealer is an organization engaged on an ongoing basis in trading activities for the sale of cosmetic services, dental services and related additional services for the purpose of making a profit, with which a dealer supply agreement (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement) has been concluded, fulfilling the established sales plans.

Who can become a dealer

A dealer can be a legal entity of any form of ownership or an entrepreneur operating without forming a legal entity that meets the requirements of the company.

Requirements for potential dealers

  1. Office availability.

  2. The presence of employees who will be entrusted with the implementation of the sale of goods

  3. The ability to transfer orders by telephone, e-mail

  4. Willingness to carry out advertising policy and presentations agreed with the company

  5. Monthly selectable volume of at least 1300 USD.

The main principle of the dealer policy pursued by the Manufacturer is the principle of honest and transparent partnership.

The Dealer’s activities are carried out on the basis of a dealer agreement concluded between the Dealer and the Manufacturer, which stipulates the mutual obligations of the Parties, the amount of price discounts provided to the Dealer and other conditions of commercial relations.

The procedure for registration of dealer relations

Dealers can be legal entities and individual entrepreneurs.

The Dealer status is assigned by the Manufacturer on the basis of:

  1. letters of application, if the initiator of the partnership proposal is the applicant company,

  2. address proposal of the Manufacturer, if the initiator of the partnership proposal is the Manufacturer.

In both cases, the applicant is invited to fill out a questionnaire and, in any form, state his proposals on the possibility and prospects of organizing sales of the Manufacturer’s products for the next year. The received documents are reviewed by the Manufacturer within 5 days. Based on the results of the consideration, the Manufacturer decides to assign the Dealer status, or to reject the offer.

If a decision is made to assign the Dealer status, then in relation to the applicant company:

  1. a dealer agreement is concluded

  2. a Dealer Certificate is issued,

  3. a package of information materials and exhibition samples are formed and transmitted.

The signed Dealer Agreement is valid until the end of this year. Work on the conclusion of the Dealer Agreement for the next year begins on December 1 of the current year.

In case of rejection of the application, the Manufacturer sends the applicant company a written response explaining the reason for the rejection.

Basic conditions for dealer relations

Depending on the region and the declared sales volume, Dealers are assigned a category for which their own system of discounts and preferences is provided.

The amount of the dealer discount is set individually by the Manufacturer.

Terms of delivery of products — ex-warehouse of the manufacturer in a multiple of the manufacturer’s standard packaging.

In the first year of cooperation, the Dealer purchases products on a prepayment basis. After a year (if the case is successful — earlier), a deferred payment may be provided. A deferred payment is provided for up to 14 calendar days. Failure to meet the deadlines for payment when granting a deferral is considered a violation of the terms of the Dealer Agreement, which is terminated.

Terms of the second dealership in the region

This section defines the possibilities and conditions for concluding Dealer Agreements in regions where there are already operating Dealers of the company.

The manufacturer aims to create favorable conditions for the business of effectively working Dealers.

For regions in which Dealers fulfill the terms of the Dealer Agreement, applications from new dealerships that exceed the current volume of purchases of the current Dealer by more than 1.5 times can be satisfied by the Manufacturer only after consultation with the current Dealer.

For the successful start of the Dealer’s activity, the Manufacturer undertakes not to conclude other Dealer Agreements in the region within 6 months from the date of signing the Dealer Agreement, provided that the Dealer fulfills the terms of the Dealer Agreement.

Official Partner Status

Companies that do not have Dealer status can be assigned an Official Partner status and get a Certificate of an Official Partner, confirming that the company regularly carries out official direct purchases of large volumes directly from the Manufacturer. Conditions for granting the status of an Official Partner — regular purchases from 6700 USD. per year on terms for wholesale buyers. Official Partners are not authorized by the company to carry out activities to promote the product and do not enjoy related preferences, such as premium for promotion and advertising, dealer discounts, training, consulting, marketing and financial support.

Obligations of the Dealer

  1. To search for new consumers of the Manufacturer’s products, disseminate information about the Manufacturer’s products, enter into contractual relations with new consumers for the supply of the Manufacturer’s products.

  2. To fulfill the agreed monthly plan for the volume of purchases (can be accounted for by the cumulative volume during the calendar year).

  3. To observe the approved Manufacturer’s Pricing Policy: the price of products, possible deviations from the price, including those related to transportation costs, must be agreed with the Manufacturer.

  4. To coordinate with the Manufacturer the participation in tenders for the Manufacturer’s products and the pricing policy.

  5. To participate in the Manufacturer’s marketing activities for the agreed number of hours.

  6. To actively carry out independent promotion of products and the Avrorategel brand:

    1. mandatory placement of information about the product on the main page of the site (a logo, a valid link to the manufacturer’s site);

    2. creation, support and promotion in social networks of groups, accounts with product name and regional toponymic designation (for example, avrorategel_msk, avrorategel_kzn, avrorategel_spb).

    3. availability of product samples and information materials in the company’s office;

    4. organization of promotional events in the region.

  7. Participate in seminars for dealers conducted by the Manufacturer. Participate in the discussion of issues to clarify the dealer policy.

Obligations of the Manufacturer

  1. To ship to the Dealer products in the agreed assortment and quantity, according to contracts and specifications, at special prices (base dealer price and discounts).

  2. Pursue a uniform policy for all Dealers in accordance with this Regulation.

  3. Provide Dealers with comprehensive product information (commercial, advertising and technical). Provide advice on product technical features and new products.

  4. Notify the Dealer about changes in product characteristics or prices no later than 10 days prior to making the relevant changes.

  5. Conduct training seminars for Dealers on technical features of products and new products — at least 1 seminar per year. When conducting seminars, consider the issues of clarifying the dealer policy in the regions.

  6. When a Dealer participates in a regional exhibition or seminar, provide the Dealer with:

       6.1. presentation file (if necessary),

       6.2. advertising handouts (as agreed with the Dealer),

       6.3. technical and information support, if necessary, with the visit of a specialist.

   7. Provide corporate advertising support for the Dealer: place the Dealer’s details on the Manufacturer’s corporate website in the appropriate section; publish the Dealer’s details in product catalogs and advertising sheets used by the Manufacturer when working at exhibitions in the Dealer’s region.

   8. Accept the return of products at the request of the Dealer (in case of difficulties with the sale) within the first six months of the Dealer Agreement.

Final provisions

At the end of the year, based on the results of joint activities, the Manufacturer decides on the possibility of concluding a Dealer Agreement for the next calendar year. The Dealer Agreement may be terminated in cases where the Dealer has violated its terms or the Dealer Policy.

You can get more detailed information about the conditions for concluding a dealer agreement in the sales and marketing department.

Our competitive advantages:

Convenient geographical location of production in Volgograd guarantees the minimum delivery time.

Taking into account your interests, we use all types of delivery.

We give dealers a fixed price, calculate individually and depending on the volume of orders.

Execution of orders in the shortest possible time, booking goods in the warehouse.

We are not the first in our industry, and therefore we have to try harder than others to prove that we deserve to be the first.


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