Avrorategel is a unique Russian-made dental gel that allows whitening your teeth in a prompt, effective, and safe way and getting rid of plaque and traces of coffee, wine, and tea. This whitening gel is good for both home and professional use. Due to the low content of hydrogen peroxide, Avrorategel can be applied daily. The product has a cumulative effect. 

Use it in your bathroom or in the dentist's office – the result is equally excellent!


Commonly it takes 3 hours to make your teeth white at a dentist’s. Our gel makes it in 20 minutes!


After one procedure your teeth would be two or more tones lighter.


Our technology allows you to whiten your teeth everywhere even if you sit at a computer.


Gel contains NO sodium laurilsulfate, saltpeter, paraben, fluorine.


Whitening dental gel - uniq Russian technology.

Product was created to whiten teeth both at home and at dentist’s. It works great with tooth deposit after coffee, tobacco, wine or tea


Gel matrix contains molecules of active oxygen, which has lightning and antibacterial value. Unique formula makes teeth 2 tones lighter and even more. 

Gel contains NO:

  1. Sodium laurilsulfate
  2. Saltpeter
  3. Paraben
  4. Fluorine

The hydrogen peroxide concentration is less than 1.5%, which is fifteen times less than other popular teeth whitening products.


Brush your teeth well before using the gel. The gel is squeezed out of the pencil and evenly applied to the tooth enamel. The exposure time is from 20 to 50 minutes, depending on the desired result.

It is possible to use the gel in conjunction with a led-cap, in this case the gel will act on the tooth enamel faster, thus the time is reduced and ranges from 10 to 30 minutes.

After applying the gel, rinse your teeth thoroughly with water.


The gel differs significantly from imported analogues due to the shorter exposure time — one procedure lasts from 10 minutes, (up to a maximum of 40 minutes in the case of strong tobacco, coffee, tea bloom).

This product stands out from imported analogs due to the speed of the gel. Analogs must be used in a course for several weeks.

In combination with a UV lamp at a dentist’s or an LED mouth guard at home, the gel allows you to remove plaque and bad breath after 3 applications (lightening from 2 tones in one application). The special spectrum of light enhances the activity of oxygen molecules in relation to dental plaque and removes it rapidly.

It should be noted that the product does not contain acids, fluoride salts and parabens — components that have a bad influence on tooth enamel and the oral cavity.

The formula of AVRORATEGEL is developed in accordance with the highest quality standards and is certified on the territory of the Eurasian Economic Union (Russia, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Belarus, the Republic of Kyrgyzstan).


More than 10 countries worldwide.



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